BOISE WEEKLY features Camden Hughes

Camden Hughes and his Nov 2 performance at Riverside hotel received a feature in Boise Weekly's LISTEN HERE!








Radio Boise's John McCarthy lists "IntroSpective" in top 10 albums of 2015!

Radio Boise DJ’s have poured over their playlists and constructed their Top Ten lists for 2015. Some are composed of albums, some of individual tracks, some a blend of the two. What you are guaranteed is that each selection provides the highest possibility that you will enjoy it. To own these albums or tracks yourself, please support local record stores and online services that pay artists.

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The Scene - Idaho Statesman - 3 new Boise albums: Kevin Kirk, Jonathan Warren, Camden Hughes

Boise keyboardist Camden Hughes shares the spotlight with New York saxophonist Thomas Hutchings. Hughes’ influences range from late Boise pianist Gene Harris to jazz-funk sax man Grover Washington, Jr. On this nine-track album, styles run the gamut from rump-winding funk (“Groove City”) to hard bop (“Broomsticks”) and takes on classic rock (Beatles’ “Blackbird” and Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love.” - Thomas Hutchings grabs ‘IntroSpective’ with Camden Hughes

IntroSpective manages to sound vintage and raw, smooth and live, at the same time, effortlessly enjoyable for both jazz and non-jazz (pop) fans. After spending only a short time on Pledge Music, the album received the necessary funding for promotion and marketing on a downsized but successful preorder campaign.

Idaho Press-Tribune - Songwriters Group Comes to Nampa

Steve Eaton, guitar and vocals, plays with Camden Hughes on the keyboard during a performance at a songwriters forum Tuesday afternoon at Copper Canyon Restaurant in Nampa. It was the first time the Idaho Songwriters Association has had a performance in Nampa.
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